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Better, Sooner, Safer and Happier – Organisational agility for the Singapore Government

Now more than ever, the need to be nimble, and deliver cross-agency programmes, effectively and efficiently is a reality facing government agencies.

A recent McKinsey report has highlighted how agile organisations make up 70% of the top performers in organisational health, a metric that is very similar to engagement and service levels in the public sector.

Increasingly, Agile principles are being used to transform how the public sector works, plans, and delivers to customers and constituents.

In this online session, you’ll hear from agility experts from SoftEd and NUS-ISS and learn how Agile principles, practices and mindset can be applied to your agency and teams, and how you can benefit from an Agile way of working.

We’ll share examples and case studies of how government agencies are taking advantage of agile approaches to deliver programmes and services more effectively.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why should I care about agility and what’s the payback?
  • What is Agile and its origins
  • What are the many flavours of Agile including Scrum and Kanban?
  • Why Agile is a mindset and not a process
  • The Agile organisation and how cross-functional Agile teams work
  • The core elements in an Agile way of working
  • Global and local public sector case studies
  • How to get started with Agile?
  • What Agile courses The Digital Academy offers

The session will finish with time for Q & A so you can ask questions that you’d like our speakers to share their thoughts about.

Who can attend

This session is open to all public service officers who are interested in agile or are involved in implementing agile in their respective agencies.

Event details
  • 15 September 2022,Thursday
  • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (You may start logging in from 12.45pm)
  • The session will be conducted via zoom webinar format.  

Watch the webinar    

Admission is complimentary.
Registration ends
on 13 September 2022 (Thursday) at 12pm.


Andy Cooper
Mr Andy Cooper

General Manager of Asia, SoftEd

Andy is an experienced consultant, agility practitioner and business leader with over 20 years of experience in global software and consulting organisations. His experience includes building distributed teams across various roles and cultures, including product design, sales and marketing, and technical delivery teams.

He is currently the General Manager of Asia at SoftEd, which encompasses designing and delivering programmes, leading agile coaching and consulting teams, and building new businesses – including establishing two subsidiaries for SoftEd in Singapore and the US.
Andy works with clients worldwide, including designing the transformation programme for a major insurer in Asia, establishing a coaching and training programme for a Fortune 10 US customer, and  working with leading financial services and resources companies in the US, Asia, and Europe.
His specialties include market and product development; lean thinking and Agile methods; lean start-up; design thinking; Agile scaling patterns and frameworks; organisational design; adaptive leadership; learning agility; and Agile principles and practices applied  to marketing, sales, finance and people and culture (HR).

He is an  ICAgile authorised trainer and Business Agility and an active international speaker and contributor in the Business Agility community. He was track founder for ICAgile on the Business Agility Fundamentals and Agile Marketing Certifications and a contributor for the Agile HR certification.
Andy is currently serving as Chair of WellyBAM (Wellington Business Agility Meetup), an active community for Business Agility practitioners.

Aaron Chua

Principal Lecturer & Consultant, Digital Strategy & Leadership Practice, NUS-ISS

Aaron has more than 18 years of IT technical, scrum and agile experience. Prior to joining ISS, he was the Agile Coach with Singapore Pools. He coached projects using agile methodologies and help to cultivate agile cultural in the company. Before joining Singapore Pools, he was the Scrum Master with the Viseo Asia Singapore. One of his key achievements included the successful implementation of scaled scrum framework for all feature teams working on a smartphone platform.

He started his Agile journey since 2011 by using scrum for small agile projects and LeSS methodology for larger projects. His first agile pathway was with Maloft Pte Ltd as IT Manager cum Agile Coach. Subsequently, he continued to gain more agile project experiences as Chief Operations Officer with Keritos Pte Ltd and Scrum Master at IBM Singapore. During his tenure with Maloft, he managed to implement some major agile projects, such as online gaming, financial reporting, trading and monitoring platform by using scrum, Kanban, lean software development and extreme programming. He had also worked as IT Project Manager at Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group and Hewitt HR Delivery Services Pte Ltd.  He started as a system developer and analyst during the earlier part of his career.

Aaron graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems and Computer Science) from National University of Singapore.

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