Acquire deep ICT skills contextualised for public service

ICT programmes specially developed for the public sector.
Make a deeper impact on your agency’s digital transformation, thrive in your job role
and be set for the next stage of your career.

Gain mastery of ICT skills while unlocking their application in the public sector

Digital transformation is taking place at a fast pace.
So much so that what is in today may be out tomorrow.
If change is the only constant, then the only way you can embrace change
– and even thrive with it – is to improve continuously.

You have the mindset of constant beta. You are always improving. Your skills are ever evolving.
You don’t just want to keep in pace with digital developments. You want to keep steps ahead.

But the public sector’s basic courses on digital technologies do not meet your advanced needs.
And the higher-level ICT programmes offered by private training providers?
Bridging the gap between learning and application is harder than you think
because the content is not contextualised for the public sector’s needs and goals.

That’s where GovTech Digital Academy comes in.

By practitioners, for practitioners

We provide a suite of ICT&SS programmes for public officers and leaders. Based on a “practitioner-for-practitioner” philosophy, these programmes are curated and developed by GovTech practice leaders and industry leaders.

These practitioners bring to our programmes insights into:

  • the capabilities agencies need for digital transformation
  • the competencies public officers need for digital innovation and career growth

Whatever your role in the public sector, you can choose practical and highly relevant programmes to grow your ICT expertise. You can:

  • get up to speed with the latest tech trends and developments
  • gain perspectives unique to the public sector’s digital transformation
  • apply your new knowledge and skills readily to your daily work
  • raise your proficiency levels
  • make a deeper impact on your agency’s digital innovation
ICT&SS Professionals

Maximise your performance in your agency’s digital innovation

  • Reskill and upskill with ICT&SS competencies that are contextualised for the public sector. Get ready to apply your knowledge and skills in your job role and projects.
  • Become adept at a wide range of tech practices from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence. Master job-critical expertise and move up the proficiency levels.

Public Service Leaders
Public Service Leaders

Lead your agency’s digital transformation

  • Deepen your skills for leading and partnering with tech teams effectively to deliver desired digitalisation outcomes. Support the vision to a create a Government that is Digital to the Core, and Serves with Heart”.
  • Get in-depth understanding of digital trends. You can help shape strategies, policies and service delivery

Public Service Officers (non-ICT&SS)

Become confident in your digital skills

  • Learn to use digital tools confidently. Work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Appreciate digital trends and innovation efforts. So you can support and thrive in your agency’s digital transformation

Dynamic learning experiences contextualised to public service

No one knows the ICT capabilities needed for public sector digital transformation like we do. Positioned at the unique intersection of technology and public service, apply your newfound knowledge in your job role to make an impact today!

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By practitioners, for practitioners

Top-notch practitioners who keep their fingers on the pulse of tech developments curate and develop our programmes:

  • GovTech practice leads who identify public officers’ competency gaps and ensure that the content is rigorous and contextualised for the public sector
  • Industry leaders with deep technical expertise and a wide range of ICT&SS skills

Bridging competency gaps

We base our programmes on the GovTech Competency Framework (GTCF) and SNDGO’s WOG ICT&SS Competency Framework (ICT&SS CF).

We also tap into the Digital Maturity Index and Ministry Family Digitalisation Plan to meet agencies’ digital transformation needs.

That is why our programmes are practical and relevant for bridging your digital competency gaps and support your career development.

Partnerships with industry to get you up to date

We offer programmes in partnership with leading institutions and partners such as:

  • NUS-ISS, which is our Operations Partner
  • content partners like AWS, Microsoft, General Assembly, Secure Code Warriors and more

So you can stay up to date with the latest tech trends and developments and gain industry-relevant skills.


Learning modes that suit your schedule and needs

Topical and flagship milestone programmes are delivered through:

  • instructor-led learning
  • e-learning
  • talks and webinars
  • workshops
  • learning journeys with more to come.
Learn at your own pace independently or in interactive groups. Acquire skills experientially or in classroom settings. Whatever your preference, you can find learning platforms that suit your schedule and needs.

Be a future-ready digital practitioner and leader

Browse our programmes now and take the first step to become the future-ready you.

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