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The Digital Academy programmes

Applications Development

Apply the process of specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing to create and maintain public sector applications using suitable software development methodologies in a planned and structured manner.
Applications Management

Manage the application portfolio to support the Whole of Governement services, with the delivery, deployment and operation support of application service offerings, using in-house and contracted resources through proper ICT governance.
giroc_resized GIROC (Government Incident Reporting and Operations Centre)

Ensures timely, effective, and coordinated ICT and data incident management for the Whole of Government (WOG) to safeguard national security and maintain public confidence.
  • ICT and Data Incident Management (Coming Soon)
ICT Governance

ICT&SS Governance functional cluster uplifts and governs the Government's use of technology in its ICT & Smart Systems (ICT&SS) implementation. This includes developing tech policies to enable long-term or strategic tech shifts across WOG, conducting ICT&SS audits across WOG to identify key control gaps and propose risk mitigating measures, governing ICT&SS portfolio and managing the ICT&SS risk profiles across WOG, and developing and implementing strategic ICT&SS sourcing, contract and third party management policies and processes across WOG to enable digital government through a purposeful mix of build and buy across the agencies.
ICT Infrastructure

Design, develop and deploy IT infrastructure that includes data centre, network connectivity, and application hosting capabilities across physical, virtual and cloud-based environments. 
Modelling & Simulations

Design, develop and deploy geospatial and 3D modelling technologies to develop geospatial solutions for the public. 
Product Management

Apply product management disciplines to strategically drive the research, conceptualisation, development, market positioning and adoption of products that is useful to the public, financially sustainable and continuously improving. 
Sensors & IoT

Apply sensing and IoT technologies to develop critical systems for the Whole of Government. 
Be at the intersection of technology and public service

Be at the intersection of technology and public service

The Digital Academy embodies the relentless pursuit of "better", in the spirit of personal and public sector transformation, at the intersection of technology and public service.

Led by GovTech’s strategic vision and supported by their resources, the initiative is future-fit for public service officers and leaders to transform the public sector to become digital at its core.

Why The Digital Academy?