Microsoft AI Bootcamp

Heard all that productivity buzz around AI and Copilots but not sure where to start? Kickstart your journey with Microsoft, today! Join us to learn about Microsoft 365 Copilot, a breakthrough AI assistant that will transform the way your agency works. Copilot technologies empowers you to take human-machine collaboration to the next level! Explore how you and your team can easily delegate tasks, craft emails, sense user sentiments accurately and intervene swiftly so that you can supercharge your productivity.

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Artificial Intelligence

Google AI Bootcamp

The Google AI Bootcamp has been designed to provide you with the latest updates on Generative AI - but condensed into a half-day session just for you! Learn the foundations and applications of AI, as well as ethics and security, to help you to harness the power of AI boldly and responsibly. Be equipped with the know-how, to navigate complexities as you collaborate with and lead your teams to provide better citizen services for Singapore. This bootcamp is also a great platform to network with fellow public sector officers as well as discuss challenges, brainstorm opportunities and co-create plans for the future!

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