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Hear from our Alumni

Our programmes attract public service officers and leaders across the Whole-of-Government (WOG).
At GovTech Digital Academy, they receive an in-depth understanding of theories, applications and digital trends
to shape products, strategies, policies and service delivery for their agencies.
 Hear how they apply their new knowledge and skills to make an impact at work.

"Animated discussions during the sessions contributed to implementable and actionable results!"


Arthur Lee
Director, Product Delivery Office,
Government Infrastructure Group (GIG)

“After attending the programmes with GovTech Digital Academy, we have seen changes in the way our teams work in a product-centric approach that tightly integrates business and user requirements, product development and operations to continuously enhance and add new features to the WOG ICT infrastructure to deliver value to WOG and our users”


Daryl Chee
Infrastructure Engineer, Product Delivery Office,
Government Infrastructure Group (GIG) , GovTech

“As Public sector continues to evolve, the programmes from GovTech Digital Academy has reiterated that we need to constantly challenge the status quo to improve deliveries by adopting an agile and product centric mindset. By improving and upskilling yourself, you are also ensuring that you make use of every opportunity to better yourselves.”

Guanyi Lau

Guanyi Lau,
Applications Consultant
Singapore Customs

“GovTech Digital Academy courses are well-structured, engaging, and taught by industry experts in their respective fields. This has allowed me to grow and achieve my professional goals and skills required in my job role. Through the attended programmes, I feel more confident in my abilities to use the skills and knowledge I have gained to enrich my learning through my tasks. I would highly recommend GovTech Digital Academy to enhance your learning and advance your career.”

Harish Srinivasan
CIO and Director, Performance Technology Division
Sport Singapore

“Confidence comes with better knowledge. When we have knowledge, we become stronger. Without it, we tend to rely on our own experience, which can be challenging. Before I joined the CIO Milestone Programme, I was nine months into the CIO role and learning the hard way. However, this programme gave me structured knowledge and a modular approach to address technology issues in my agency. The programme was divided into soft skills, technology topics, data, and finance, which was a good sequence that enabled me to apply my knowledge in my daily work. The programme was useful as digital transformation is imperative. In the context of Sport Singapore, we have various niche areas that can leverage technology to enhance the digital experience of citizens who visit our sports centres, and the performances of our national athletes.  The data architecture module was my greatest takeaway from this programme. It provided me with a deep dive into the topics of data, and I was able to apply this knowledge to a major data initiative in my agency.”
Harish Srinivasan, participant of CIO Milestone Programme.
thumbnail_Ren Sen

Ho Ren Sen
Software Engineer

"I highly recommend GovTech Digital Academy courses. I was seeking a programme that could help me expand my skills and gain new insights into the industry. The instructors exceeded my expectations - they were knowledgeable and experienced, and their teaching style was engaging and effective. They fostered a collaborative and enjoyable class environment that allowed me to connect with my peers and learn from their experiences as well. Thanks to this programme, I feel more confident in my new abilities and have been able to apply what I learn beyond my current job scope. Whether you'd like to deepen your field or explore a different field to grow both professionally and personally, GovTech Digital Academy can help you explore those options."
Irene Tay

Irene Tay
Deputy CIO 
Public Service Division

“The hands-on exercises helped to reinforce what we learned through theory. During the discussions, instructors with years of experience in their respective fields, whether in the public or private sector, shared their real-life examples and concepts.

Through the peer-to-peer sharing, we learned from each other's unique challenges and experiences and how we should avoid potential pitfalls. Sharing during the training and offline conversations was also more relatable. The concepts and experiences gained from the programme can be applied to our own teams and used to improve our products.”
Irene Tay, participant of CIO Milestone Programme.

Jade Lee
Senior Manager, Employee Experience Team

“I’ve taken a few programmes at GovTech Digital Academy to support my work in Human Resources (HR). Since taking those programmes, I’ve a deeper appreciation and sense of how data visualisation is present in many aspects of my work. The game changer for me was attending the Certified ScrumMaster course. The instructor was super engaging, helpful and clear; he de-mystified what Scrum was for a non-technical person like me. This improved my work outcomes, team cohesiveness and afforded opportunities for me to share within my circle of colleagues with HR.”


Ke Erlina
Deputy Director 

“Many programmes are disparate and tend to focus only on certain key subjects, such as agile. However, CIO Milestone Programme broke down various concepts into smaller, more manageable pieces. We could quickly better understand the ideas that will improve our work. When it came to different pedagogical approaches for each module, the methods used depend on what is being taught.

Lectures and hands-on practices were beneficial, and various approaches are necessary for effective learning to absorb course materials. The programme opened my eyes and ways of thinking about problem-solving. It helped me develop new strategies for engaging our users.” 
Ke Erlina, participant of CIO Milestone Programme.

Syahri Ikram
Data Engineer, DSAID

"I have had a great experience with GovTech Digital Academy and would like to encourage anyone seeking to expand their skills in the industry to give it a try. The academy’s frequent EDM marketing coupled with seamless registration process make learning easily accessible to anyone. As a data engineer, I’ve taken a diverse range of programmes, such as DevOps Engineering on AWS, ISTQB® Test Automation Engineer, and Certified ScrumMaster. Through the programmes, I gained expertise across different tech industry aspects which enabled me to contribute more effectively in my main role."