CompTIA Security+

Programme Code D238
Cloud Infrastructure
Learning Partner(s)
Avantus Training
5 Days
Format Hybrid
Network / DC Infra Platform Identity / Certificate
Job Roles
Cloud Infrastructure Architect Cloud Infrastructure Engineer ICT&SS Professional Cloud Infrastructure Manager


Attain the CompTIA Security+, a global certification that validates the baseline skills you need to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career.

Why is it different?

  • More choose Security+ – chosen by more corporations and defense organisations than any other certification on the market to validate core security skills and for fulfilling DoD 8570 compliance.
  • Security+ proves hands-on skills – the only baseline cybersecurity certification emphasising vendor-neutral, hands-on practical skills, ensuring the security professional is better prepared to problem-solve a wider variety of today’s complex issues.
  • More job roles turn to Security+ to supplement skills – baseline cybersecurity skills are applicable across more of today’s job roles to secure systems, software and hardware.
  • Security+ is aligned to the latest trends and techniques – covering the most core technical skills in risk assessment and management, incident response, forensics, enterprise networks, hybrid/cloud operations, and security controls, ensuring high performance on the job.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Identify the fundamental components of information security
  • Analyse risk
  • Identify various threats to information security
  • Conduct security assessments to detect vulnerabilities
  • Implement security for hosts and software
  • Implement security for networks
  • Manage identity and access
  • Implement cryptographic solutions in the organisation
  • Implement security at the operational level
  • Address security incidents
  • Ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of an incident

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section.
  • ICT&SS Professionals who are has networking and administrative skills in Windows®-based Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks; familiarity with other operating systems, such as macOS®, Unix, or Linux; and who wants to further a career in IT by acquiring foundational knowledge of security topics; preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination; or using Security+ as the foundation for advanced security certifications or career roles.


At least 2 years of IT administration experience with a security focus.

What To Bring

For physical classroom training, all training equipment including individual PCs are provided.

Programme Structure

This programme will cover the following topics:

Module 1: Comparing and Contrasting Attacks

Module 2: Comparing and Contrasting Security Controls

Module 3: Assessing Security Posture with Software Tools

Module 4: Explaining Basic Cryptography Concepts

Module 5: Implementing a Public Key Infrastructure

Module 6: Implementing Authentication Controls

Module 7: Managing Access Services and Accounts

Module 8: Implementing a Secure Network Architecture

Module 9: Installing and Configuring Security Appliances

Module 10: Installing and Configuring Wireless and Physical Access Security

Module 11: Deploying Secure Host, Mobile, And Embedded Systems

Module 12: Implementing Secure Network Access Protocols

Module 13: Implementing Secure Network Applications

Module 14: Explaining Risk management and Disaster Recovery Concepts

Module 15: Summarising Secure Applications Development Concepts

Module 16: Explaining Organisational Security Concepts

Full Fee

Full programme fee


9% GST on nett programme fee

Total nett programme fee payable, including GSTS$1771.25
With effect from 1 Jan 2024

This programme does not include the certification exam. If you are interested in taking the certification exam after completing this programme, please email

Upcoming Classes

Class 1
21 Oct 2024 to 25 Oct 2024 (Full Time)
Duration: 5 days
When: Oct - 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
Time : 9:00am - 5.30pm


Step 1 Apply through your organisation's training request system.

Step 2 Your organisation's training request system (or relevant HR staff) confirms your organisation's approval for you to take the programme.

Your organisation will send registration information to the academy.

Organisation HR L&D or equivalent staff can click here for details of the registration submission process.

Step 3 GovTech Digital Academy will inform you whether you have been successful in enrolment.


I was new to cybersecurity, but this programme helped me to understand the basic concepts, allowing me to move to the next level.


While I am familiar with most of these concepts, I liked how this programme  helped me to think with a framework on how to to apply these concepts.The labs are also excellent.