Data Storytelling

Programme Code D147A
Data Science & AI
General Digital Literacy
Learning Partner(s)
3 Days
Format In-person
Data Storytelling Data Visualisation & Communication Visual Analytics Principles
Job Roles
Chief Data Officer Data Engineer ICT&SS Professional Public Service Officer (non-ICT&SS) Quantitative Analyst


Refine your data storytelling skills for impactful communication in the corporate environment. Data Storytelling has become an extremely important skill in today's corporate environment. It is effective way to share organisation information and drive outcomes. The rate that businesses collect data today is phenomenal. Therefore, data storytelling is important for professionals to communicate findings, tailored to a specific audience, with a compelling narrative.

The programme equips you with essential skills to draw insights from data, deploy story boards and present their insights using the most effective visual representations. Skills learnt in this programme would help place the organisation on the path towards data driven decision making.

Our instructors who possess a wealth of industry experience will use real life examples and hands on workshops to help you apply descriptive and diagnostic techniques, select appropriate charts and graphs, create powerful presentations; design productive dashboards and create viral infographics.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Apply different types of data-related questions and analytics patterns
  • Deconstruct principles of data visualisation
  • Apply exploratory, descriptive and diagnostic analysis
  • Apply storytelling framework
  • Create presentations that effectively present the data story
  • Design a dashboard for achieving business outcomes
  • Design and Create Infographics for broad communication

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section.
  • Designed as an introductory programme for Public Service Officers with an interest in data storytelling. Specifically:
    • Public Service Officers working in client-facing roles, interacting with various stakeholders or departments within the organisation, leading teams or working with data analysis/data visualisation regularly would find this programme useful.
    • Public Service Officers with work experience of two years or more will appreciate this programme better.


  • Basic Excel and PowerPoint skills are assumed.
  • If you have limited knowledge of the above, you may consider acquiring them via GCF Learn for Excel PowerPoint.

What To Bring

You must bring your internet-enabled computing devices (laptops, tablet etc) with power chargers to access and download programme materials. No printed copies of programme materials are issued. Please refer to the full tech specifications here.

Programme Structure

This programme will cover the following topics:
  • Data storyboarding framework and workshop
  • Visual selection framework and workshop
  • Best practices of visualisation and presentation, theory and workshop
  • Dashboarding concepts and workshop
  • Infographics best practices and workshop

Please keep in mind that this programme is not a substitute for a tool training programme. If you're interested in learning Tableau, Excel, or other specific tools, you may find better-suited options available online.


Full Fee

Full programme fee


9% GST on nett programme fee


Total nett programme fee payable, including GSTS$3106.50

With effect from 1 Jan 2024

Funding is available for this programme. Please visit the  Learning Partner’s website to find out about the updated programme fee funding breakdown and eligibility.

Payment for this programme is to NUS-ISS, National University of Singapore.

Upcoming Classes

Class 1
26 Jun 2024 to 28 Jun 2024 (Full Time)
Duration: 3 days
Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm

How To Register


Step 1 Apply through your organisation's training request system.

Step 2 Your organisation's training request system (or relevant HR staff) confirms your organisation's approval for you to take the programme.

Your organisation will send registration information to the academy.

Organisation HR L&D or equivalent staff can click here to register through training provider's registration portal if you have the NUS Online Application Portal (OAP) account. Alternatively, please contact ask-iss@nus.edu.sg

Step 3 The learning partner will inform you whether you have been successful in enrolment.