ICT and Data Incident Management

Programme Code D189
ICT Governance
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0.5 Day
Format E-learning
ICT&SS Domain Knowledge WOG ICT & Data Incident Management Readiness WOG ICT & Data Incident Management Operations ICT&SS Performance & Risk Management
Job Roles
ICT&SS Risk Specialist ICT&SS Professional ICT&SS Incident Management Officer


Recognise the importance of ICT and Data Incident Management for government agencies and the significance of coordinating with external entities for incident reporting and management.

At the end of this 8-unit module, you should be able to describe the four (4) stages of the Incident Management Process and explain the objective of each stage. You will be able to describe the actions required in all stages and the various roles and responsibilities to be undertaken by key stakeholders for Incident Management, including how the Incident Management Team should work with other agencies/ entities/ stakeholders to take effective and timely actions.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Gain an overview of the policy in managing any ICT and data incidents
  • Be prepared to manage the four (4) types of government incidents at the onset

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section.
  • This e-learning module has been designed for members of the Incident Management Team, typically comprising the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), Ministry Chief Information Security Officer (MCISO), Agency Chief Information Security Officer (ACISO), Security Incident Response Officer (SIRO), any other relevant officers including managers, supervisors, helpdesk staff who are required to manage ICT and Data Incidents as part of their roles, as well as any Public Service Officer who is interested to learn more about ICT and Data Incident Management.


You are required to read the IM8 Incident Management before starting this programme.

Programme Structure

Unit 1: Preface
Unit 2: Introduction to the 4-stage ICT and Data Incident Management process
Unit 3: Stage 1 - Pre-incident Preparation
Unit 4: Stage 2 - Detection and Analysis
Unit 5: Stage 3 - Response and Remediation
Unit 6: Stage 4 - Post-incident Inquiry
Unit 7: Conclusion
Unit 8: Annex (Checklists) 


This programme is complimentary.

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