IM8 Proficiency Development Programme - Role-based Pathways: Architecture and Security

Programme Code D186
ICT Governance
Applications Management
Learning Partner(s)
2.1 Days
Format E-learning
ICT&SS Domain Knowledge Policy & Strategy ICT Governance
Job Roles
Project Manager (Agile) Solutions Architect ICT&SS Professional ICT&SS Policy Specialist Digital Service Manager Cybersecurity Engineer Chief Information Security Officer


This programme consists of 5 role-based pathways
1) ICT & SS management
2) Third Party Management
3) Architecture & Security
4) Engineering & Operations
5) ICT Audit

Each pathway comprises of curated modules to equip learners with knowledge and proficiency across specific policy domains. This supplements ICT technical competency programmes that equip Public Officers in their roles.

This programme focuses on the Architecture and Security pathway. Today’s applications are developed upon a mix of public and commercial infrastructure to create better end-to-end user experience.  The dependency of the internet and cloud services continue to grow and evolve. The Architecture and Security pathway is aimed at equipping ICT specialists involved in developing the Government’s ICT architecture with the knowledge and proficiency to design and implement secure infrastructures. There are 7 in-depth modules in this pathway covering Governance, Security Data, Cloud, and Resilience.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the policy intent and requirements,  governance structure and security framework within the Government for delivering ICT&SS infrastructure and services.
  • Demonstrate understanding and know-how to comply with policies and standards that govern and ensure proper design, implementation, management of security measures in Application Development, Application Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Identify, assess and mitigate prevalent and potential risks in infrastructure and application development against cyber threats
  • Understand how to use commercial cloud securely, requirement when using commercial cloud services, ability to determine proper treatment and usage within acceptable limits
  • Understand system criticality and the impact of data breaches to implement proper controls to access, use of Government data, and to restore systems to an acceptable service level in the event of a service disruption

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section. 
  • ICT&SS Professionals in Project Manager (Agile), Solution Architect, Digital Services Manager (DSM), CISO, Cybersecurity Engineer, ICT & SS Policy Specialist, Policy Developer roles. 


You have to complete the IM8 Fundamentals programme. 

Programme Structure

Modules & Applicability
•    Governance
•    Security (App Dev)
•    Security (App Arch)
•    Security (App Infra)
•    Data
•    Cloud
•    Resilience



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Note that the process for accessing CSC LEARN modules is generic.