IM8 Proficiency Development Programme - Role-based Pathways: ICT&SS Management

Programme Code D184
Applications Management
ICT Governance
Learning Partner(s)
0.8 Day
Format E-learning
ICT&SS Domain Knowledge ICT&SS Policy ICT Governance
Job Roles
ICT&SS Risk Specialist ICT&SS Procurement Specialist (Policy) ICT&SS Policy Specialist ICT&SS Professional Chief Information Officer Chief Data Officer


This course delivered by GovTech.

This course consists of 5 role-based pathways
1) ICT & SS management
2) Third Party Management
3) Architecture & Security
4) Engineering & Operations
5) ICT Audit

Each pathway comprises of curated modules to equip learners with knowledge and proficiency across specific policy domains. This supplements ICT technical competency programmes that equip Public Officers in their roles.

This course focuses on the ICT&SS Management pathway. The ICT&SS Management pathway is aimed at equipping Public Officers from the IT management group with the policy governance and compliance knowledge necessary to oversee digital transformation initiative, and provide direction on the planning and management of their ICT systems.  There will be 4 in-depth modules in this pathway – Governance, Data, Cloud, and Resilience.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognise the importance of ICT governance oversight for clear accountability and proper management in the effective use of ICT resources, management of risks and Third Parties, and assurance and compliance with IM8 requirement through an audit regime.
  • Gain an overview of cybersecurity threats and impact on Government data and assets, and to  understand the policy requirements in the management of data in all stages of its lifecycle, how to safely use and exploit data, so as to promote effective data management practices.
  • Understand the security risk assessments and treatment associated with external Commercial Cloud arrangements
  • Understand the policy of ICT resilience for all ICT&SS systems with additional provisions for Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and Significant Information Infrastructure (SII).

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section. 
  • ICT&SS Professionals in the IT Management levels (such as ISM, DSM, ASM, TSM).


You must complete the IM8 Fundamentals programme. 

Programme Structure

Modules & Applicability
•    Governance
•    Data
•    Cloud
•    Resilience



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