LeSS in Action (Developer Practices)

Programme Code D69
Applications Development
Learning Partner(s)
5 Days
Format In-person
Agile Methodologies Tools & Delivery
Job Roles
Digital Business Analyst ICT&SS Professional Solutions Architect


Learn to apply these Scrum practices to your workplace and in legacy codebase situations. This five-day development practice programme comprises hands-on classes and lectures, mainly focusing on Large-Scale Scrum, technical practices and authentic team dynamics. Scrum practices such as cross-team Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinement, working as a team, and many technical practices such as Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, and Refactoring are covered. 

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Understand the core principles and practices of Large-Scale software development and its impact on Organisational Agility and Technical Agility
  • Learn key technical practices such as Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Acceptance Test-Driven Development
  • Understand the significance of authentic team dynamics and effective collaboration techniques, including Pair Programming and Collective Code Ownership
  • Learn the process of Product Backlog Refinement along with various techniques for splitting and estimating items
  • Learn the purpose and application of the Definition of Done in ensuring high-quality product increments
  • Apply fundamentals of code refactoring, code smells and strategies for working with legacy code
  • Understand the role of test automation including testing strategies, good automated testing practices and unit testing across different programming languages
  • Understand the concept of Feature Teams, craftsmanship in software development and effective retrospective techniques for continuous improvement

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section.
  • Fluent Software Developers.
  • One to two non-current developers (e.g. a ScrumMaster or Product Owner) in each class. You need to have some development experience and to work as a developer in a team during class.


  • This programme welcomes those with a background in software development, but prior knowledge of the specific tech stack is not required. While primarily aimed at fluent software developers, we also accommodate a limited number of non-current developers (e.g. ScrumMasters or Product Owners) with some development experience, as long as they actively participate as developers during the programme.
  • No prior experience with LeSS is necessary as the programme covers all essential concepts and practices.

Programme Structure

This programme will cover the following topics:

Day 1:

  • Requirement workshop / A-TDD
  • Definition of Done
  • Cucumber and Friends
  • Sprint Plannings

Day 2:

  • Test-Driven Development
  • Collaboration (Working in teams, SCM, Build Automation and other tools, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and CI Systems, Collective Code Ownership)

Day 3:

  • Code Smells & Refactoring
  • Thinking about Test and Test Automation (Testing Pyramid, Mocking, Unit testing in other languages: JavaScript, Python, etc., Good Unit Testing

Day 4:

  • Thinking about Design
  • Feature Team Revisit

Day 5:

  • Working with Legacy Code
  • Craftsmanship
  • Retrospective

Full Fee

Full programme fee


9% GST on nett programme fee


Total nett programme fee payable, including GST S$3488

With effect from 1 Jan 2024

Upcoming Classes

Class 1
11 Nov 2024 to 15 Nov 2024 (Full Time)
Duration: 5 days
When: Nov - 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Time : 9.00am to 6.00pm


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Taught me useful practitioner skills.


It was useful learning about Large scale Scrum, Test driven development and Code smells.