Machine Learning on Google Cloud

Programme Code D152
Data Science & AI
ICT Infrastructure
Learning Partner(s)
5 Days
Format Online
Machine Learning Data Exploration & Analysis Cloud Infrastructure
Job Roles
ICT&SS Professional Infrastructure Engineer Infrastructure Architect Data Engineer AI Engineer


This course is delivered by CloudMile.

This course will teach participants how to build Vertex AI AutoML models without writing a single line of code, build BigQuery ML models knowing basic SQL and create Vertex AI custom training jobs they can deploy using containers (with little knowledge of Docker). 

Participants will also use Feature Store for data management and governance, use feature engineering for model improvement, determine the appropriate data preprocessing options for their use case, write distributed ML models that scale in TensorFlow and leverage best practices to implement machine learning on Google Cloud.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Build, train, and deploy a machine learning model without writing a single line of code using Vertex AI AutoML
  • Understand when to use AutoML and Big Query ML
  • Create Vertex AI managed datasets
  • Add features to a Feature Store
  • Describe Analytics Hub, Dataplex, and Data Catalog
  • Describe hyperparameter tuning using Vertex Vizier and how it can be used to improve model performance
  • Create a Vertex AI Workbench User-Managed Notebook, build a custom training job, and then deploy it using a Docker container
  • Describe batch and online predictions and model monitoring
  • Describe how to improve data quality
  • Perform exploratory data analysis
  • Build and train supervised learning models
  • Optimise and evaluate models using loss functions and performance metrics
  • Create repeatable and scalable train, eval, and test datasets
  • Implement ML models using TensorFlow/Keras
  • Describe how to represent and transform features
  • Understand the benefits of using feature engineering
  • Explain Vertex AI Pipelines

Who Should Attend

Please refer to the job roles section. 


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Programme Structure

This course is delivered via Virtual Instructor-Led Training. There is technical assessment which includes labs and quiz sessions as part of this course.


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