Secure Code Programme

Programme Code D13
Applications Development
Learning Partner(s)
Secure Code Warrior
Format E-learning
Application Security Testing DevSecOps Source Code Ana
Job Roles
ICT&SS Professional Software Engineer Security Testing Engineer Red Team Engineer Quality Engineer DevOps Engineer Delivery Manager Cybersecurity Policy Developer Cybersecurity Engineer


Learn to write secure code in a fun, engaging environment and in real-time from the start of the SDLC. 

As developers, you know the hardship in undertaking post-scan, post-breach, post-event remediation, the Secure Coding Programme aims to help build your secure coding skills and practices with contextual training from Secure Code Warrior®. This programme is in partnership between GovTech Digital Academy and Secure Code Warrior.

Secure Code Warrior® (SCW) is an integrated gamified secure coding platform that provides secure coding learning and tools that helps you shift your focus from vulnerability reaction to prevention.

With training directly related to your daily work, access to hands-on training, team tournaments, micro-learning, programmes and assessments in your preferred language and framework - you avoid creating common bugs and build your secure coding capabilities regardless of your skill levels.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Achieve compliance
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve skills through these components:
    • Training: Secure code training that is fun and hyper-relevant, learn secure coding best practices, and keep security front-of-mind. Learn how to locate, identify and fix vulnerabilities
    • Walkthroughs and Missions: Real-world immersive secure coding simulations to help you experience the impact of a breach
    • Programmes: Guided learning pathways to up-skill in areas aligned to your goals and help achieve compliance requirements - fast
    • Assessments: Verify and benchmark your secure coding skills and competency  

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section. 
  • ICT&SS Professionals in Appsec Practitioner or Developer roles.

Programme Structure

Get access to one-year unlimited subscription learning to Secure Code Warrior’s online learning platform with interactive gamified challenges when you register.

Secure Code Warrior offers the largest framework specific content library in the World with over 5,500 secure coding challenges, across 50+ language: framework-specific categories, covering more than 147 vulnerability types.

Check out the SCW resources:


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GST is not applicable for this programme

Payment for this programme is to Secure Code Warrior Pte Limited

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