Containers for Deploying and Scaling Apps

Programme Code D42
Cloud Infra
Applications Development
Learning Partner(s)
4 Days
Format In-person
Application Network & Security Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery & Continuous Deployment Configuration Management Infrastructure as Code DevOps Cloud Infra
Job Roles
ICT&SS Professional Software Engineer Cloud Infrastructure Engineer Cloud Infrastructure Architect DevOps Engineer


In the world of microservices, containers are one of the most favoured way of packaging and delivering services. 

Containers are often deployed onto a container orchestration platform like Kubernetes; the orchestration platform provides management functions, resiliency, security and observability.

By the end of this programme, participants will have all the tools they need to build and maintain an entire microservices based on containers running locally or on public cloud provider infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this workshop-oriented programme, you will be able to:

  • apply the 12 Factor App principles to building your application
  • acquire hands on experience in packaging applications as container images, deploying the images and diagnosing containers
  • deploy self-healing service mesh with Kubernetes container orchestration platform
  • Perform application upgrades without down time
  • maintain application service level by automatically scaling deployments based on predetermined metrics
  • use Helm package manager to simplify application configuration, deployment, and upgrades
  • use Kubernetes operators to deploy complex applications like MySQL clusters
  • use kustomize to speed up application development and deployment cycle

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to job roles section.
  • ICT&SS Professional in a Developer, Systems Engineer, System Administrator or and Infrastructure specialists/members from Enterprise IT role.
  • Startup tech members who desire to take on lead roles in deployment, growth and scale of their products.
  • Scrum team members responsible for DevOps.


To benefit from this programme, you should have:
  • hands-on experience in developing CRUD application (Java, Node, Python, etc); 
  • basic command line skills.

You will be required to pass a pre-course assessment to ensure that you have the requisite background knowledge to learn the material.

What To Bring

You must bring your internet-enabled computing devices (laptops, tablet etc) with power chargers to access and download programme materials. No printed copies of programme materials are issued. Please refer to the full tech specifications here.

Programme Structure

This programme will cover:

  • The 12-factor app design philosophy
  • Containerising application
  • Understanding Kubernetes architecture
  • Deploying and orchestrating container workloads


Full Fee

Full programme fee


8% GST on nett programme fee


Total nett programme fee payable, including GST S$2592

With effect from 1 Jan 2023 till 31 Dec 2023

Full Fee

Full programme fee


9% GST on nett programme fee


Total nett programme fee payable, including GST S$2616

With effect from 1 Jan 2024

Payment for this programme is to NUS-ISS, National University of Singapore.

Upcoming Classes

Class 1
11 Mar 2024 to 14 Mar 2024 (Full Time)
Duration: 4 days
When: Mar - 11, 12, 13, 14
Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm

How To Register


Step 1 Apply through your organisation's training request system.

Step 2 Your organisation's training request system (or relevant HR staff) confirms your organisation's approval for you to take the programme.

Your organisation will send registration information to the academy.

Organisation HR L&D or equivalent staff can click here for details of the registration submission process.

Step 3 GovTech Digital Academy will inform you whether you have been successful in enrolment.