Understand and Drive Your Salesforce Implementation (BSX101)

Programme Code D246
Applications Development
Learning Partner(s)
3 Days
Format In-person
Data Management & Analytics Application Management Business Analysis
Job Roles
Digital Business Analyst Public Service Officer (non-ICT&SS)


Explore Salesforce features and functionality and gain the knowledge to make Salesforce implementation decisions with confidence. Learn about standard and custom objects and applications, data management, data visualization, flow automation tools, security mechanisms, and more. Successfully navigate the key phases and milestones of a Salesforce implementation, effectively communicate business needs, and provide directives to team members tasked with solution-building to deliver a robust Salesforce solution that achieves business goals.

Key Takeaways

In this programme, you will be able to learn:

  • Identify key stakeholders needed for a successful Salesforce implementation.
  • Describe the Salesforce data model as it relates to Customer 360, Salesforce Clouds, and the Salesforce Platform
  • Communicate the appropriate security measures needed to control organisation and data access
  • Discuss which standard or custom objects and applications should be implemented based on specific requirements and use cases
  • Effectively strategise how to migrate data into your Salesforce organisation while maintaining high data quality
  • Understand Salesforce automation tools and how they solve various business challenges
  • Analyse Salesforce data with Reports and Dashboards
  • Navigate the key phases and milestones of a Salesforce implementation

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section.
  • Public Service Officers who are (or will soon be) supporting a Salesforce implementation in a decision-making capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, Business Analysts, IT Managers, Project Managers, Executive Leaders, and Executive Sponsors. This programme is not recommended for individuals tasked with solution-building.
This programme will cover the following topics:

Salesforce Data Model

  • Discover the Customer 360 Platform
  • Examine Salesforce Clouds
  • Navigate the Salesforce Platform
  • Review the Salesforce Platform Data Model
  • Understand data visualisation

Security & Access

  • Create users
  • Access the org
  • Control data

Objects & Applications

  • Review standard objects
  • Understand custom objects
  • Explore standard applications
  • Discover custom applications

Salesforce Customisations

  • Work with fields
  • Design page layouts
  • Understand record types
  • Review dynamic capabilities

Successful Data Management

  • Determine data strategy
  • Create data
  • Ensure data quality

Process Automation

  • Streamline business processes using automation tools
  • Learn purpose-driven automation
  • Automate with flow

Data Analysis Using Reports & Dashboards

  • Organise reports and dashboards
  • Build reports
  • Create dashboards
  • Create an analytics strategy

Adoption & Continued Improvement

  • Adopt your implementation
  • Evaluate continued improvements

Full Fee

Full programme fee

USD 735

8% GST on nett programme fee

USD 58.80

Total nett programme fee payable, including GST USD 793.80

With effect from 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2023
Fee valid till 31 Dec 2023

This course does not include the certification exam. Participants who are interested in taking the certification exam after completing this course, please register and pay the exam fees through  Salesforce.

Upcoming Classes

Class 1
15 Nov 2023 to 17 Nov 2023 (Full Time)
Duration: 3 days
Time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Class 2
08 Jan 2024 to 10 Jan 2024 (Full Time)
Duration: 3 days
Time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Class 3
06 Mar 2024 to 08 Mar 2024 (Full Time)
Duration: 3 days
Time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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