Understanding Internet of Things

For GovTechies only
Programme Code D59
General Digital Literacy
Sensors & IoT
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Format E-learning
Robotics Research & Development (SIOT) IoT System Embedded System Development Sensors & IoT
Job Roles
Public Service Officer (non-ICT&SS)


This course is delivered by GovTech.

The course "Understanding Internet of Things" is developed by GovTech SIoT Division. It is a 3-part e-learning course that provides learners with a fundamental understanding and appreciation of IoT.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

Module 1
• Describe the technologies that support IoT and the major components of an IoT application
• Identify the more commonly used sensors
• Describe the basic hardware components that make up an IoT node
• Identify basic components that make up an IoT gateway
• Explain the difference between microprocessor and embedded processors (ARM)

Module 2

• Identify the communication protocols of a network in an IoT application such as 6LowPAN, ZigBee, MQTT, DDS
• Describe IoT cloud storage models and Communication Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), store sensor data on cloud services and Cloud Analytics
• Explain the IoT device management system (data aggregation and visualization, device de/commissioning and authentication, secure certs etc)
• Explain the difference between Switchers and Routers in a network
• Explain the difference between Edge analytics and Cloud analytics

Module 3
• Explain the value proposition of IoT and ioT application challenges such as security and privacy requirements
• Specify the real world constraints on an IoT system in a case study
• Describe IoT application scenarios in various environments and industry sectors, for example healthcare, indoor, outdoor, automotive environments as well as retail and supply chain
• Describe the latest development of IoT

Who Should Attend

  • Please refer to the job roles section.
  • Specifically for GovTechies who are keen to understand more about the Internet of Things.

Programme Structure

This (self-paced) course is delivered in e-learning mode with a series of videos hosted on Workday.


This course is complimentary (only GovTechies can take this course).

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