Empowering Officers with SaaS-tainable Solutions

Lena’s experience with pioneering SaaS solutions for MTI helped her appreciate the value of a...
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Building and Constructing a Tech-Savvy Future

In shaping the digital future, one must boldly scrutinise existing legacy systems to ensure a robust...
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Eden Seah Image (002)

Preparing for Clouds on the Horizon

Eden navigates his role so skilfully that one may be surprised to find out that he made a...
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Sheikh Headshot (500x500)

Stacking Up for a Holistic Service Delivery

Sheikh’s role in customer success keeps him focused on the needs and goals of his customers. While...
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Syahri Headshot

Scaling Up Production, One Byte at a Time

When working in a lean team, it is often the case that team members will wear several hats to meet...
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Teng Fone Headshot

Building a Platform with Uncontainable Potential

Design thinking involves placing user needs at the forefront of solution generation. When he was...
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Empowering a product-centric mindset through GovTech Digital Academy

In 2022, GIG team prioritised upskilling as a key initiative for their officers as part of its...
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Product Management

Forging ahead with unity to build product management competencies through GovTech Digital Academy

Read Arthur’s story of how prioritising upskilling to build competencies has empowered his team to...
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