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Duration 3.7 days
Course Time 9.00am - 5.00pm
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This course is delivered by NUS-ISS.

Building a successful digital product is more than just designing it, putting in the latest technology and putting it on the right platforms. The journey to develop a successful digital product strategy involves researching the market, the competition, conversing with your potential customers to formulate a sustainable market positioning, and a sustainable product business model.

The long term messaging and marketing that comes out from that sustainable strategy will help you launch an amazing digital product that people loved to use. Digital Product Strategy (DPS) is a 3.7-day programme (spread over 4 weeks) that will equip product professionals with critical knowledge and skills to enable their transition to product strategist roles in digital product environment.

This is a practice oriented course and will be facilitated by industry & NUS-ISS practitioners. Participants will acquire skills through pre-readings, lectures, case discussions and working in teams to develop digital product strategies to launch and sustain their digital products. Participants are welcome to bring their product ideas as the case for the team to work on their digital product strategy.

Participants are also expected to present the digital product strategy to an industry panel for assessment, feedback and continuous learning.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Learners will be able to:
  • understand the challenges of the digital product eco-system that the product strategist operates in
  • acquire key skills to develop a strategy for the entire digital product lifecycle - from strategy to development, launch, growth and exit
  • demonstrate these understanding and skills acquisition by working in teams to develop and present their digital product strategy to a panel of industry product leaders for assessment

  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend

    This course is intended for managers and professionals operating in the digital product eco-system, who needs to have a practice based course to equip themselves to develop and execute a digital product strategy.

    Business managers and professional working on corporate planning, strategy and business or product portfolio can also benefit.

    Participants are expected to come from both corporate enterprises and start-ups, and are expected to interact to share views and experiences while working with their respective teams.

  • Participants with 3 to 5 years of working experience as project or product managers transitioning to a strategic role would benefit most from the course.
  • Participants need to have a strong interest in digital product and services and how these enhance business transformation and competitiveness.
  • This is an intensive, fully hands-on course, and participants are expected to do prior readings, class preparation and project work outside of in-class sessions over a 4-week period.
  • Each participant is expected to spend 4-6 hours per week to work on case discussions and class assessment outside of class sessions.
  • Participants who are new to product management are strongly encouraged to attend the Managing Digital Products course to enhance their learning experience for DPS.

  • ICT and SS Competency Framework

    ICT and SS Competency Framework

    As part of the ICTCF, this course falls under the Product Management functional cluster and tagged to the following competencies:
    • Tech Management: Digital Strategy & Planning
    • Product Management: Market / User Research & Planning
    • Product Management: Product Go-To-Market
    • Product Management: Product Life Cycle Management
    The course is mapped to the following job roles:
    • Apps Service Manager
    • Digital Business Analyst
    • Digital Services Manager
    • Engagement Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Project Manager (Agile)

    Course Structure

    Course Structure

    There will be a combination of pre-course readings, case studies, lectures and workshops.

    Week 1- Product Vision Formulation

    • Operating in the new digital products eco-system
    • Understanding the landscape and the competition
    • Developing an inspiring product vision that guides the team
    • Business goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the product scorecard
    • Aligning to the organisation product portfolio
    • Assessment Workshop: Develop the Digital Product Vision

    Week 2- Developing the Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy

    • Monetisating the digital product 
    • Digital product launch strategies 
    • Assessment Workshop: Develop Product GTM Strategy

    Week 3- Product Growth and Exit 

    • Minimum viable product (MVP) that is Simple, Lovable & Complete (SLC)
    • Extending to new or next market or feature
    • Building customer loyalty
    • Product end-of-life planning and management
    • Assessment Workshop: Develop the Full Digital Product Strategy

    Week 4- Industry Panel Presentation

    • Assessment Workshop: Present to Industry Panel
    • Individual Assessment
    Assessment workshops are specially designed for participants to apply the knowledge and skills gained in developing a Digital Product Strategy incrementally, which will culminate in group project presentations to the industry panel. Workshops and group project presentations are graded and form part of the assessment.





    Full Fee

    Full course fee


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    Upcoming Classes

    Upcoming Classes

    Class 1

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    02 Dec 2022 to 22 Dec 2022 (Full Time)

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    Duration: 3.7 days

    03 Mar 2023 to 24 Mar 2023 (Full Time)

    When :
    03, 10, 16, 24

    Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm

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    How To Register


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