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GIROC (Government Incident Reporting and Operations Centre)

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Ensures timely, effective, and coordinated ICT and data incident management for the Whole of Government (WOG) to safeguard national security and maintain public confidence. GIROC (Government Incident Reporting and Operations Centre) is the first point of contact for WOG to report Government ICT and data incidents. GIROC manages and investigates Government ICT and data incidents with the relevant agencies, assesses the incident's severity, determines, and contains the impact of the incident, and regains business operational readiness.

Applications Development


ICT & Data Incident Management

Foundation Recognise the importance of ICT and Data Incident Management for the government and agencies. At the end of this 8-unit module, you should be able to identify the four (4) stages of the Incident Management Process and explain the objective of each stage. You will be able to describe the actions required in all stages, and the various roles and responsibilities within Incident Management, including how the Incident Management team should work with other agencies/ entities/ stakeholders to take effective and timely actions.

Duration: 0.5 day
Full Fee: Complimentary
Fee (After max subsidy): No subsidy


Cybersecurity Risk Awareness

Foundation In our current digitally disrupted era, cybersecurity has now become more critical and the stakes are much higher. Daily cyber attack occurrences demonstrate the risks posed by cyber-threats – from individual, opportunistic hackers, to professional and organised cyber criminals groups with strategies to systematically steal intellectual property, disrupt businesses and even threaten our safety. It is essential that the organisation takes control of allocating the right resources to address cyber threats, actively manage risk and prepare responses to cyber threats and incidents. This includes creating an informed and knowledgeable organisational culture. . 

Duration: 1 day
Full Fee: $600
Fee (After max subsidy): No subsidy