You need to stay ahead of rapid developments.
Design and build digital solutions focusing on excellence, innovation and creativity.
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Staying ahead in the world of tech

GovTech Digital Academy’s (DA) ICT&SS programmes support you in becoming a specialist and on the cutting edge with digital tech-skills.


Go Deep or Go Broad

Choose to widen your ICT skills or deep dive into domain specialisation. The diverse range of programmes DA offers includes subjects on cloud, agile, applications development, data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, sensors, IoT and more.  

Springboard to Excellence

Reduce the learning curve to utilise new technology. Develop rigorous, relevant, practical technical knowledge through DA's programmes and apply it at work. GovTech's Practice Leads and industry and knowledge partners with specialised expertise put together this robust suite of programmes that are contextualised to public service. 

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Bridge the Gaps

Do you have what it takes to perform your job well? Make learning a priority and understand the competencies required to clear a path for growth. Take advantage of DA's programmes to counter gaps and progress onto your next career stage.