You are the drivers of digital transformation.
Gain the knowledge to use technology more effectively in your agency and deliver better service for citizens.


Shape the future of your agency

GovTech Digital Academy’s (DA) designs public service leaders programmes
to give experienced senior officials the skills to lead change and achieve full digital capability.


Milestone Programmes

Tailored milestone programmes geared towards Public Service Leaders and Directors to allow an in-depth understanding of the key developments, processes, strategies and execution of leveraging technology to achieve agency goals. All curriculum was developed in close consultation with senior leaders and Whole-of-Government (WOG) domain specialists.

Find out more about the CIO Milestone Programme, one of DA's signature programme catered for Public Service Leaders. 

Bootcamp in Digital Government

DA is here to help you with the daunting challenge of digital transformation. Through DA’s programmes, you learn both the theory and practice of digital transformation, and gain insights from WOG practitioners and industry experts.

Dynamic Community

Learn from others' experiences. Participating in DA’s programmes allows you to exchange ideas with your colleagues and share best practices. Where else can you find a community of peers to tap on for advice and support in your digitalisation journey?